Sports Journalism from a Teen Perspective

Sporting wins again, extending to 6-0

Thanks KC Star

In a 1-0 win there were a lot of fouls to go around. This is a foul by Roger Espinoza on Sebastian Velasquez.

At the 44th minute of the first half, C.J Sapong headed a ball into the goal. The goal was stripped by head referee Kevin Scott. The 19,422 fans in attendence did not like that.

Sporting KC takes out Real Salt Lake in a 1-0 win. Once again this game was full of fouls. The fouls started early with a hard push to C.J Sapong by Real Salt Lakes Sebastian Velaguez. The first half was pretty tedious with very minimal action. Neither Real Salt Lake nor Sporting KC took a shot on goal. At the 44th minute C.J Sapong had a goal scored but the goal did not count because Sapong supposedly pushed Alvaro Saborio, which did not make the 19,422 fans happy.


The second half started out a lot more aggressive and very intense. In the 51st minute Will Johnson received a yellow card for a professional hit and Johnson injured Julio Cesar who was then replaced by Paulo Nagamura. Later, in the 63rd minute, Graham Zusi, on the 10th corner kick of the game, delivered a beautiful pass to Aurelien Collin, who then delivered a header into the goal which made the score 1-0. The goal marked the first time a goal was scored on Real Salt Lake in 268 minutes.  In the 64th minute Real Salt Lake replaced Sebastian Velasquez with Jonny Steele and Velasquez went to the locker room for a better look at an injury he had received on the play before. In the 76th minute Paulo Nagamura received a yellow card for a reckless foul on Luis Gil and Real Salt Lake replaced Gil with, young gun, Paulo Junior. In the 78th minute Jonny Steele received a yellow for a reckless hit as well but no player was injured. In the 82nd minute, young talent, Jacob Peterson replaced, 13-year veteran, Bobby Convey. As the fans chanted Bobby Convey’s name, Will Johnson delivered a beautiful pass to Jonny Steele who went in for the goal, kicked and missed but had the first shot on goal in 340 minutes. At the end of the game the shot on goal did not count because Steele was offsides. Therefore, Jimmy Nielsen has 340 minutes of absolutely no allowed shots on goal.


Later in the press conference, Coach Jason Kreis said,  “Real Salt Lake were not prepared enough for the Sporting KC defense.” Coaches Vermes stated that he and the team came out to the field thinking about winning and wanted to win.  “When Collin got that goal, that’s when I knew we had it in the bag.” Aurelien Collin was asked if a loss would change the locker room atmosphere and he said, “No, we all have this thing that clicks and we love each other.  If you come into the locker room you hear us singing and a loss can’t change that.” Then Collin was asked if he thought Defender should score goals. He replied with, “You bet, everyone can score but there are a few who do it exceptionally well.”


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